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QUICK TIP: Stripper season is almost upon us. Big Stripper start making there way up the CT river in May. A quick tip for catching BIG Stripper is to fish dusk-night and just before dawn. Record Bass are slow hunters due to their size so they use the cover of darkness in order to successfully feed and tend not to even try in clear waters.
From North American Fishing Club:

Pick The Right Weight For Texas Rigs That Rule

Bass sticks worship the Texas rig, and rightly so, but few give them the creative thought they deserve. As a result, most anglers miss out on a subtle way to make the rigs even more effective: matching weight material to the presentation and conditions.

Sure, a 1/4-ounce lead weight obviously tips the scale as much as a 1/4-ounce tungsten, steel or brass weight, but their size varies because each has a different density. Tungsten is densest (therefore the smallest at a given weight), followed by lead, then brass, then steel.

So in clear-water, tough-bite conditions, tungsten is the best choice for Texas rigging. In deep water, tungsten's ability to transmit vibrations is also a plus.

On the other end of the spectrum, brass is least dense and least sensitive, but it creates a lot of sound when used with beads. In muddy water, where baits need to move a lot of water to get noticed, bulky brass' low density gives your weight-lure combo a larger profile.

When conditions don't require finesse but call for feel, steel weights represent a great compromise, as their sensitivity lets you feel subtle bottom characteristics you can't feel with a lead sinker of the same weight.

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