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Storm's Shad swimbait fishing tips and techniques by:



Swimbaits are extremely versatile, can be used in a wide variety of fishing conditions, and will catch any fish that feeds on other fish, shrimp, crabs, crawfish, etc. Most colors will catch fish in the right conditions.  A good rule of thumb to follow is dark conditions = dark colors, light conditions = light colors.  Another determining factor can be what your target species is feeding on. Under most conditions the small to mid-sized baits (3 to 5 inch) are the ones to start with.  Shallow water, short strikes, shallow fish, or noticing small baitfish in the area are all good reasons to switch to a 3 inch bait.  Deeper water, larger fish, larger baitfish, and aggressive fish are reasons to switch to a 6 inch bait.  Another reason to switch to a larger bait may be to prevent catching small or unwanted fish. As with all types of fishing experimentation is the most crucial aspect. Try new things until you find what is working. Once you find something that works vary that method/technique slightly and continue to hone your skill and knowledge.



The Blue Fox VIBRAX 1/8 MN SPIN FIRETIGER is one of the most used lures in my bag. I have personally caught trout, bass, pike, perch & an unfortunate sunny with this lure. Mainly for ranbow and brown trout fishing in Norther CT, specifically the Scantic and Farmington river this lure is awesome. I honestly cannot recall a day that i did not catch a single fish with this item. There really is no way to fish it wrong. I personally in smaller rivers cast against the current with a slow retrieval. With a slow retrieval, this allows the spinner to be in the water longer and has a great ways to travel.

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